Fuck wordpress

Okay, it’s now 3:50 in the morning, and I’m ready to punch myself, because I just spent the last 5 hours—prime sleeping time, you know, for when your boss expects you at work and cogent at 9 the next day—making some sexy CSS to turn my blog from ugly to ugly (with colors) only to discover that custom CSS costs more money…


“But, Obadiahstarbuck,” says WordPress, “you can buy the CSS upgrade for just four cents a day.” Geez, WordPress, don’t you realize that for just four cents a day, less than the price of a cup of coffee (in 1749), I could assure that a starving south Asian baby gets food, clothing, healthy drinking water and all the latest Nintendo DS games? Where will that poor child get basic sustenance and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3 if I’m spending my money on you? Do you really want more dead orphans on your head?

Four cents a day. That comes out to… $14.60 a year (I did the math on Windows calculator; Bill Gates only charges me 2 cents a day to use that). Man, couldn’t give up that lucrative revenue stream, could you?

I love microtransactions! I must be a South Korean internet gamer.

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