Super Bowl to benefit Democracy

Yes, it’s true folks—if you watch Fox this Sunday you’ll be an active participant in democracy and the American way. And not the right-wing “I hate gays, Muslims and facts” sort of American way, either. Well, maybe a little bit.

Scenting a payday, executives at Fox have decided to begin Super Sunday with a Fox News-style blitz through the 22 states that will make up Super Tuesday two days after the Big Game’s shiny new ads, pom-poms, and wardrobe malfunctions fade into the history books.

“What the f–k is Super Tuesday?” you might ask. Fair enough. Since most people in America don’t vote, the term warrants an explanation. Super Tuesday has nothing to do with sports. In fact, it is the day when the majority of the country’s population gets to vote in the presidential primaries. This year has been a horse race for the democrats and republicans, so lots of people (most of them in other countries) are interested to see who emerges ahead as voters in 22 states have their say all at once.

I’m no fan of Fox News—least of all because on Super Sunday they plan to air an interview with our current president George W. Bush, who apart from being a lame duck in this election is also a moron.

But put aside any differences you have with a media outlet known for peddling half-truths, and consider what happens when a football fan sits down to a full day of TV sports orgy and instead finds a healthy dose of political news coverage.

It’s possible that our Coors Light-guzzling, Doritos-munching friend could pick up the remote and change the channel. But if his fingers are too greasy, too stained with that strange orange glow of cheese flavor…might he leave the clicker alone and learn something about the election? Might he even find himself two days later caring enough about the economy, health care, and climate change and other issues to bother to vote?

I know it’s a stretch, but maybe—just maybe—Fox is onto something here.

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