Super Bowl sports Super racist spots…

Now, I’d never really heard of, and now I wish I never had.

Major media outlets did their usual song and dance of criticizing Super Bowl ads, rating highly for Will Ferrell playing yet another dimwitted athlete in a snarky Bud Light ad (“Hilarious!” raves the New York Times).

For my money, I liked the game the best (I’m a Giants fan), but some of the ads were pretty good. I liked the “Godfather” parody with the severed car grille…

Then there were the stinkers. Several sponsors had very unfunny ads, but Salesgenie really took the cake with two spots out of the three they ran during the game bordering on bigotry. In the first, a short little white boss bursts into an Indian salesman’s office and chews him out for being his worst salesman, then threatens to fire him if things don’t improve. The Indian guy pleads with his boss “But I have seven kids!”….things work out when Ramesh finds, but I dunno, it felt pretty offensive.

In the second ad, Chinese pidgin-speaking panda bears (named Ching-Ching and Ling-Ling) plod around their store eating their own bamboo furniture until a bear with no accent saves the day by telling them about Salesgenie, then chides them for their barbaric couch-munching.

I don’t want to be too harsh on what even objectively were some pretty sad-looking ads, but I think Salesgenie should offer up an apology for making Indian and Chinese people the butt of their bad humor…

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