Why grownups buy out their competition…

Howdy! Yesterday I posted about the condescending nature of a radio story about EA’s attempt to buy out Take-Two… how the radio story made it sound like EA only wanted to get their greasy little hands on some pornographic, hardcore, rape-murder simulatin’ mature games. My complaint was that it seemed somewhat condescending.

monopoly.gifWell, I kind of feel vindicated, because of this little story I read over at Kotaku. Let me give you the rundown. EA doesn’t want Take-Two so they can have more boobies and blood. I mean, that’s a pretty dumb rational, right. I didn’t mention this yesterday, but if EA really wants more M-rated games, why wouldn’t they just make some… maybe even with new IPs? Sure, it’s tough to start new franchises based off of unestablished properties, but the whole idea that EA would strategically plan buy-outs for the primary or sole purpose of getting more M games seemed far-fetched to me from the start. Well, according to the analyst quoted in the this post, EA actually wants Take-Two so it can shut down and monopolize the publishers’ competing sports games franchises. I’m not gonna offer an opinion on game publisher monopolization in general; I’ll always have NES Hockey. I just wanted to note that someone who approaches the industry without condescension can deduce an entirely different—and in my opinion a more plausible—reason for an EA buy-out of Take-Two.

Kotaku got their quotes from this post at gamepolitics.com. Go read about it there or at Kotaku, because I’m too lazy to quote it, and it is interesting. If I had to summarize this whole thing into a tasty tid-bit, it would be that a highly lucrative company buys out another highly lucrative company for numerous complex reasons, not for a single, solely reductive and stereotypical reason.

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