April fools day P-Funk extravaganza!

In honor of absurdity, I present a bunch of men and women in shiny capes, riding around in fake spaceships and handling giant flashlights.

First off, a clip of my favorite P-Funk song, ever: “Funkentelechy.” It’s split over two videos, because it’s too damn much funk for one. Enjoy the Rodney “Skeet” Curtis bass solo in the second part.

Motherfunk, when they hit that bridge, and that chicken grease—that steady high-neck guitar chink-a-chink—kicks in, I just start flying, man, Bernoulli’s principle just got redundant.

This next one one is pretty obvious, but it still makes for a wicked finale. Looks like the same show, too. Watch out for Cameo and the Bar-Kays, who opened the show.

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, the only sucker who can tell that bratty old man the score, without getting blown-back, beatdown, castaway, cut off, or kabobed is his fool. I guess Lear didn’t care, because the little nut was wearing tights and a tall hat. That’s the benefit of having no credibility and being ridiculous. This is our one day to tell the truth and then get out of it at the last minute by pleading “fool.”

And you might as well pay attention if you can’t afford free speech.

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