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Okay, a quick one while I’m on my lunch break. I was smart enough to purchase and play the new Wii port of Okami last night instead of watching the ABC debate debacle. Apparently the questions were preposterously stupid even by the standards of our modern American media. You know, I hate to make this just a baldly political post, without the window dressing of stupid crap that my faithful reader (do you exist?) has surely come to expect, but this debate sounds like such a travesty that I just had to say something. Read what these folks had to say:

Daily Kos: Truly, we have become a nation led by the most lazy and ignorant. It seems impossible to mock or satirize just how shallowly the media considers the actual world ramifications of each election, how glancingly they explore the actual truth behind political assertion or rhetoric, or how gleefully they molest our discourse while praising themselves for those selfsame acts. And that, in turn, is precisely how we elected our current Idiot Boy King, a man who has the eloquent demeanor of a month-old Christmas tree and the nuance of a Saturday morning cartoon… It seems impossible, but we may yet have an election season in which we can be in a slogging, five-year-long war, and mention the fact only in glancing asides.

The Guardian: About half the time set aside for the debate had elapsed—and seven flimsy or already-exhausted issues had been raised—before the first serious question of the night, about troop withdrawals from Iraq, was asked. The relentless triviality was only one problem, however. The more serious failing was the willingness of Gibson and Stephanopoulos to volunteer as water-carriers for a conservative attack machine that, fearful of Obama’s crossover appeal, is already working overtime to tarnish his reputation.

Glenn Greenwald at Salon: Of course, Stephanopoulos was on at least two right-wing radio shows the day before the debate, assuring both Sean Hannity and right-wing host Steve Malzburg that he would take their advice about which inane, sideshow questions to ask Obama—a promise he dutifully kept, to the delight of National Review readers.


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