Have you got Troubles?

Here’s a little taste of the DC Sound Attack. Go Go, born in the nation’s capital, never left home, and most of y’all never heard of it before. Chuck Brown birthed this new style, a sort of stretched out funk with a different percussive language utilizing an entirely different vocabulary of drums. Lyrics reduced to call-and-response chants, songs reduced to loping beats. It’s all about hypnotism, “a non-stop musical declaration of war littered with social commentary… Go Go is the creative force born to absorb anger.”

This clip is a pretty interesting example of Trouble Funk’s Go Go. First off, the focus on Big Tony is a little contrary to what I expect from Go Go (never really thought of it as a soloing genre). But song choice is important too. The central rhythmic motif of Go Go is copped from the Grover Washington, Jr., version of Mr Magic. Also, the Go Go cover is a tradition, too. As Chuck Brown told Wax Poetics, “Every hit song that came on the radio, we had to do it.”

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