Ladies and Gentlemen, The Roots

I apologize for my utter neglect of this blog. I’m sure anyone who reads it (no one) will grant me the understanding and forgiveness I clearly deserve.

And I’m gonna turn over a new leaf… by writing a really short post. The Roots released a new record last Tuesday, called Rising Down that continues in the aggressive vein of most of their recent releases. I really like it a lot. I kind of feel like they’re really perpetuating the legacy of classic Bomb Squad-style production, which makes me really happy, with all of the weak hip hop—all those club tracks and sparse, laconic beats—that’s popular with the kids these days. Give me something more complex, aggressive and percussive.

To promote their new release, they performed the song “Rising Up” on Letterman sometime in the last week. Watch it and you’ll completely agree: adding two extra percussionists and a tuba player to anything will make it better. That’s pretty much the principle of Go Go, too, I just realized.

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