Ah, the name is Bootsy…

This is a clip of the man who, anecdotally, gets called the funkiest player alive. They say, give him a stick and some ground to stamp on, and he could make that funky. Remember, it’s the same gentleman who totally destroyed the album version of “Funkentelechy,” who co-wrote big big tunes like “Up For The Down Stroke,” “Tear the Roof of the Sucker,” “Mothership Connection,” “Bop Gun,” etc, etc, etc. It’s the same ghost who wrote a song called “Munchies For Your Love” and got away with it. At the age of 17, he came up out of Cincinnati, OH, and joined James Brown’s band just in time to revolutionize that man’s sound on cuts like “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose” and “Sex Machine.”

Here he his soloing during one of his unfairly awesome ballads (because how fair is it that the world’s greatest funkateer also writes the genre’s best ballads).

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