Prescription: Stevie Wonder

Whenever I feel depressed, I remind myself to listen to some Stevie Wonder. Because even when he sings a sad song, even one heavily bowed down by hopelessness, a glimmer of the underlying ecstasy and hope that once existed still remains. On top of it all, it’ll probably come with the added bonus of a great harmonica solo:

Now, I apologize for using one of those pretty dull vids that show up on Youtube that just feature the album cut and, at best, a slideshow of album art and photos, but there were no great live performances of Stevie Wonder doing the song. Instead, there was this performance of a bunch of kids from Maine doing it. Don’t watch this video unless you want feel hopelessly and irredeemably untalented, because these little fuckers are great:

Honestly, that’s the sort of thing I love about YouTube. It’s effectively an open mic for the world, with all the hazards and pay-offs such a thing would entail. But the pay-offs are so great that, when I see something like this—real people making real music right there, just like we have for 10,000 years—it just makes me fly. Because these kids, from Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine, are so awesome, here they are again, getting smooth with a classic by Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers.

So smooth! I also like hats!

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