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Let Them Eat Whale

The subjects of the TV show “Whale Wars” are idiots. Chief dope among the crew of the Steve Erwin is captain Paul Watson, one of the founders of Greenpeace who got kicked out for being too radical. In the show, Watson leads a band of land-lubbing sailors into battle against a fleet of Japanese whaling […]

The Ballad of Emily Gould,

…or How Being a Blogger Can Chew You Up and Spit You Out Emily Gould, former editor of has an interestingly self-indulgent piece in this Sunday’s NYT Magazine. I have never and probably will never ascend to the levels of blogging celebrity that she has, as former editor of Gawker Media’s flagship blog Gawker. […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day…

Snow! As you all know, snow is an endangered species on this planet today—all the carbs people are spewing into the atmosphere are warming the place up. Soon the planet will be obese and balmy from its high-carb diet. And snow will be no more. Someone other than Exxon stockholders thinks this is a good […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day…

…is Johnny Chung Lee. You may remember him from such posts as “VR Wii and surgery,” but since almost no one reads this blog, it’s way more likely that you saw his Wii head-tracking hack on YouTube. Now, witness another ingenious creation: turning the Wiimote and infrared LED pens (nice touch using standard-issue Bic casings) […]

Obama’s glow-in-the-dark skeleton…

I woke up this fine, sunny San Francisco morning and democracy was in the air. Yes it was Super Tuesday, the day when I and my fellow Americans were going to change the world by voting to nominate Barack Obama for president in 2008. As I proudly ticked off my ballot and deposited it in […]

Super Bowl sports Super racist spots…

Now, I’d never really heard of, and now I wish I never had. Major media outlets did their usual song and dance of criticizing Super Bowl ads, rating highly for Will Ferrell playing yet another dimwitted athlete in a snarky Bud Light ad (“Hilarious!” raves the New York Times). For my money, I liked […]

Prediction Markets = Crystal balls…

…as in they’re smoke and mirrors designed to make people think you can predict the future. Listen, I’ve got a lot of respect for economists. They find ways to turn human behaviors into variables for a math equation (witness a popular one, “willingness to pay” how do you quantify that?), and their conclusions often yield […]

Super Bowl to benefit Democracy

Yes, it’s true folks—if you watch Fox this Sunday you’ll be an active participant in democracy and the American way. And not the right-wing “I hate gays, Muslims and facts” sort of American way, either. Well, maybe a little bit. Scenting a payday, executives at Fox have decided to begin Super Sunday with a Fox […]

Dear Catastrophe Robot

Of course we all remember Skynet, the evil internet that uses flying death machines and Arnold Schwarzenegger to ravage the world in the Terminator movies. At the Technology in Wartime conference this weekend at Stanford, I met the real-world equivalent of Sarah Connor—a group of major-league roboticists, programmers, and computer security geeks who are trying […]

The Straight Man

Judging by the first few posts, evidently I am doomed to be the straight man in this blogging tandem. I will embrace my role by living it fully: I shall wear a bowtie wherever I go from now on and complain about smudges on my shoes. I will also make more of an effort to […]