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The difficult I’ll do right now

Here is a clip that I’ve been loving for quite a few months now. When Fallout 3 hit at the end of October, I was completely hypnotized by the licensed tracks that your character can listen to being broadcast from the heart of the DC Wasteland, relayed through a radio antenna at the top of […]

Kim Swift and Eric Wolpaw?! OMG! WTF? ROPLAIBC?!!?!

My day at work just got awesome. I know that seems implausible, but while I was diligently looking busy, trying not to fall asleep, and wishing I was cool, I came across a link to an interview at Gamasutra with Valve’s Kim Swift and Eric Wolpaw. Now, anyone not familiar with Gamasutra probably doesn’t know […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day… (March 5, 2008)

…is Tim Schafer. Exclamation point. My old friend Jeff Bonhag’s apartment—not his current one, the old one!—was a fantastic pit of debris, a kibble-littered expanse of the random refuse of modern man and some packing peanuts. It was always a lot of fun to go there and see what new sort of trash could be […]

Why grownups buy out their competition…

Howdy! Yesterday I posted about the condescending nature of a radio story about EA’s attempt to buy out Take-Two… how the radio story made it sound like EA only wanted to get their greasy little hands on some pornographic, hardcore, rape-murder simulatin’ mature games. My complaint was that it seemed somewhat condescending. Well, I kind […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day…

…is Johnny Chung Lee. You may remember him from such posts as “VR Wii and surgery,” but since almost no one reads this blog, it’s way more likely that you saw his Wii head-tracking hack on YouTube. Now, witness another ingenious creation: turning the Wiimote and infrared LED pens (nice touch using standard-issue Bic casings) […]

Haha!!! “M” and “A”! What a clever way to frame up a computer gaming story you “CB”

So, anyway, if you read the computer gaming blogs and follow the gaming industry, then you know that Electronic Arts bid something like $40 trillion (that’s 800,000,000 rupees, Legend of Zelda fans) for Take-Two, those fine gentlefolks behind Grand Theft Auto, and publishers of a fun little ditty called BioShock—a game that I really really […]