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I feel dirty…

Okay, a quick one while I’m on my lunch break. I was smart enough to purchase and play the new Wii port of Okami last night instead of watching the ABC debate debacle. Apparently the questions were preposterously stupid even by the standards of our modern American media. You know, I hate to make this […]

James Brown in Boston

James Brown played the Boston Garden on April 5th, 1968, and you can hear the whole show right here… In our past, a lot of racists ran around with boogie-men in their shadows, imagined fifth-columns of communist-controlled African-American revolutionaries that would slowly infiltrate the cities and then the suburbs, that would kindly rise-up, riot and […]

April 4, 1968

1: 2: This happened, in the United States of America, just forty years ago. Take a look at this excellent comic book, a piece of historical fiction, called Incognegro, by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. It’s about a lot of things, including our country’s forgotten history of lynching. The story takes place in the 1930s, […]

I, Romney! Willard’s adventures in the uncanny valley

The Three Laws of Romnotics: Romney must never not pander to the Republican social and economic conservative base or—through inaction—allow itself to not pander to the base. Romney must obey orders given to it by the base, except when those orders would conflict with the First Law. Romney must protect its own political existence as […]

Obama’s glow-in-the-dark skeleton…

I woke up this fine, sunny San Francisco morning and democracy was in the air. Yes it was Super Tuesday, the day when I and my fellow Americans were going to change the world by voting to nominate Barack Obama for president in 2008. As I proudly ticked off my ballot and deposited it in […]

Predictions! with Crystal Balls

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my humble abode, Mister… wait, don’t tell me. I, Crystal Balls, know all. I’m seeing the letter “J.” How does that strike you? Jim, James, John, Joe? No? It’s really more of a “jjjj” sound. It could be a “G,” a George, a Geoff, or maybe Glen, Gary, Greg, Garth, Garfield, […]

Super Bowl to benefit Democracy

Yes, it’s true folks—if you watch Fox this Sunday you’ll be an active participant in democracy and the American way. And not the right-wing “I hate gays, Muslims and facts” sort of American way, either. Well, maybe a little bit. Scenting a payday, executives at Fox have decided to begin Super Sunday with a Fox […]