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ReiBred Idol of the Day… The Return

After a long hiatus, we’re bringing it back to the streets! So, give a warm round of applause to Joseph Gordon Levitt, ReiBred’s latest (and greatest?) Idol of the Day. (Eh, probably not “greatest,” considering Tim Schafer was Idol of the Day just last month. And don’t forget Tuxedo Dog!) I bet you’re wondering to […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day…

Snow! As you all know, snow is an endangered species on this planet today—all the carbs people are spewing into the atmosphere are warming the place up. Soon the planet will be obese and balmy from its high-carb diet. And snow will be no more. Someone other than Exxon stockholders thinks this is a good […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day… (March 5, 2008)

…is Tim Schafer. Exclamation point. My old friend Jeff Bonhag’s apartment—not his current one, the old one!—was a fantastic pit of debris, a kibble-littered expanse of the random refuse of modern man and some packing peanuts. It was always a lot of fun to go there and see what new sort of trash could be […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day… (February 29, 2008)

…is Tuxedo dog! Tuxedo dog. Up and down my street, the hoses spray all day long, but my grass is brown and spiky. Don’t they know? Tuxedo dog. Water your grass at night and it won’t evaporate. They drive their Yukons and Tahoes and complain about unnecessary options, their psychic windshield wipers and sanguine robot-voiced […]

Reibred’s idol of the day… number 2

…is Outerspace! That’s right, you know it! It’s the place we’ve all wanted to go. At night, when the sun goes down, we look up into the dusty expanse of stars and satellites and fear it. So we build our fires and huddle around them with the rest of our tribe and pass the tense […]

ReiBred’s idol of the day…

…is Johnny Chung Lee. You may remember him from such posts as “VR Wii and surgery,” but since almost no one reads this blog, it’s way more likely that you saw his Wii head-tracking hack on YouTube. Now, witness another ingenious creation: turning the Wiimote and infrared LED pens (nice touch using standard-issue Bic casings) […]