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Kim Swift and Eric Wolpaw?! OMG! WTF? ROPLAIBC?!!?!

My day at work just got awesome. I know that seems implausible, but while I was diligently looking busy, trying not to fall asleep, and wishing I was cool, I came across a link to an interview at Gamasutra with Valve’s Kim Swift and Eric Wolpaw. Now, anyone not familiar with Gamasutra probably doesn’t know […]

I, Romney! Willard’s adventures in the uncanny valley

The Three Laws of Romnotics: Romney must never not pander to the Republican social and economic conservative base or—through inaction—allow itself to not pander to the base. Romney must obey orders given to it by the base, except when those orders would conflict with the First Law. Romney must protect its own political existence as […]

Dear Catastrophe Robot…

Dear Catastrophe Robot I dont normally rite people like you but I got a problem and I dont know who I can talk too. Its about my old man Joe. He has been drinking to much all day long that he isnt down at the factory. Well I guess I ought to start at the […]

Dear Catastrophe Robot

Of course we all remember Skynet, the evil internet that uses flying death machines and Arnold Schwarzenegger to ravage the world in the Terminator movies. At the Technology in Wartime conference this weekend at Stanford, I met the real-world equivalent of Sarah Connor—a group of major-league roboticists, programmers, and computer security geeks who are trying […]