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Ah, the name is Bootsy…

This is a clip of the man who, anecdotally, gets called the funkiest player alive. They say, give him a stick and some ground to stamp on, and he could make that funky.

Yeah, yeah, uh huh, Lord, Lord…

The following are the names of the members of one of the best funk combos of all time: “Master” Henry Gibson (percussion), Joseph “Lucky” Scott (bass), Craig McMullen (guitar) and Tyrone McCullen (drums). You probably never have heard of them, although watch them in this clip below from 1973 and you’ll probably recognize both the […]

In honor of earth day…

A little clip of Earth, Wind and Fire. Feel the uplift ooze between your toes. Now I’m gonna crap out and snore on.

Have you got Troubles?

Here’s a little taste of the DC Sound Attack. Go Go, born in the nation’s capital, never left home, and most of y’all never heard of it before. Chuck Brown birthed this new style, a sort of stretched out funk with a different percussive language utilizing an entirely different vocabulary of drums. Lyrics reduced to […]

Another Stevie Wonder clip

After my buddies and I got back from seeing Shine A Light on an IMAX screen—with Keith Richards’ and Mick Jagger’s faces all gargantuan and craggy, like a classic rock Mount Rushmore—we watched a bootleg of Cocksucker Blues, the intermittently debauched and unsavory but generally dull Robert Frank documentary about the Stones’ 1972 American Tour […]

Brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “1”

In the service of balance, I consider it my obligation (to you, my dedicated readership that you be) to off-set the Stevie Wonder represented in the Japanese “We are the world” and Vanilla Mood “Ebony and Ivory” with a clip that epitomizes Wonder at his peak. In the early seventies, the man had a run […]

James Brown in Boston

James Brown played the Boston Garden on April 5th, 1968, and you can hear the whole show right here… In our past, a lot of racists ran around with boogie-men in their shadows, imagined fifth-columns of communist-controlled African-American revolutionaries that would slowly infiltrate the cities and then the suburbs, that would kindly rise-up, riot and […]

Video infusion, pt 2

This one is a little obvious… obviously good! This next video features the bridge of the song, from the same performance, I’m pretty sure (even though the guys who posted the vids give different dates). Sorry for the slight overlap:

Please watch this video…

Well, it’s been about four months since anyone posted an update to this blog. It’s pretty clear that we are really good at this. I’m sure we’ll get recruited to be members of a professional blog squad any day now. Hopefully we get an offer in time for spring training. This clip makes me realize […]

Internet Boogaloo, or why 29 hits in one day is something to dance about

One time Reils and I went here: It was December 28th, 2006. Why is that important? What, you don’t know why? Okay, watch this movie so you can practice for the next Chicken Slacks show.