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Prescription: Stevie Wonder

Whenever I feel depressed, I remind myself to listen to some Stevie Wonder. Because even when he sings a sad song, even one heavily bowed down by hopelessness, a glimmer of the underlying ecstasy and hope that once existed still remains. On top of it all, it’ll probably come with the added bonus of a […]

The difficult I’ll do right now

Here is a clip that I’ve been loving for quite a few months now. When Fallout 3 hit at the end of October, I was completely hypnotized by the licensed tracks that your character can listen to being broadcast from the heart of the DC Wasteland, relayed through a radio antenna at the top of […]

James Jamerson

James Jamerson is the finest bass player in the history of recorded music. I know that sort of declaration is usually pretty absurd, but I can’t listen to the first half of Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On without almost crying, and I think it’s Jamerson’s fault. Oh I guess the singing and the hand […]

I’m in trouble again…

Pursuant with our goals to improve the caliber this thing and heighten its beneficence for the culture of humanity, here is a clip of Joni Mitchell singing Help Me, one of her biggest hits, I think, but also the perfect marriage between her early ’70s pop sensibilities and the slippery melodies and unexpected harmonies that […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Roots

I apologize for my utter neglect of this blog. I’m sure anyone who reads it (no one) will grant me the understanding and forgiveness I clearly deserve. And I’m gonna turn over a new leaf…

Another Stevie Wonder clip

After my buddies and I got back from seeing Shine A Light on an IMAX screen—with Keith Richards’ and Mick Jagger’s faces all gargantuan and craggy, like a classic rock Mount Rushmore—we watched a bootleg of Cocksucker Blues, the intermittently debauched and unsavory but generally dull Robert Frank documentary about the Stones’ 1972 American Tour […]

James Brown in Boston

James Brown played the Boston Garden on April 5th, 1968, and you can hear the whole show right here… In our past, a lot of racists ran around with boogie-men in their shadows, imagined fifth-columns of communist-controlled African-American revolutionaries that would slowly infiltrate the cities and then the suburbs, that would kindly rise-up, riot and […]

Ride that Rising Sun

Japanese We Are The World reminded me of this clip I saw a couple of months ago: What is it with the Japanese and their bizarre fascination with late-period Stevie Wonder-associated message songs (I know, I know, We Are the World was primarily a Lionel Richie / Michael Jackson project that the two of them […]

“Anything you can do…

…Japan can do weirder.” I think Optimus Prime said that. Here is evidence, courtesy of soul-sides.com: My only question… where is Japanese John Oates? OK, that’s a lie, I’ve got another question. At 0:40, is that Japanese Ken Burns in the audience?