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James Jamerson

James Jamerson is the finest bass player in the history of recorded music. I know that sort of declaration is usually pretty absurd, but I can’t listen to the first half of Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On without almost crying, and I think it’s Jamerson’s fault. Oh I guess the singing and the hand […]

In honor of earth day…

A little clip of Earth, Wind and Fire. Feel the uplift ooze between your toes. Now I’m gonna crap out and snore on.

Video infusion, pt 1

Al Green performance of a Curtis Mayfield classic:

Please watch this video…

Well, it’s been about four months since anyone posted an update to this blog. It’s pretty clear that we are really good at this. I’m sure we’ll get recruited to be members of a professional blog squad any day now. Hopefully we get an offer in time for spring training. This clip makes me realize […]

Internet Boogaloo, or why 29 hits in one day is something to dance about

One time Reils and I went here: It was December 28th, 2006. Why is that important? What, you don’t know why? Okay, watch this movie so you can practice for the next Chicken Slacks show.