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Prescription: Stevie Wonder

Whenever I feel depressed, I remind myself to listen to some Stevie Wonder. Because even when he sings a sad song, even one heavily bowed down by hopelessness, a glimmer of the underlying ecstasy and hope that once existed still remains. On top of it all, it’ll probably come with the added bonus of a […]

Another Stevie Wonder clip

After my buddies and I got back from seeing Shine A Light on an IMAX screen—with Keith Richards’ and Mick Jagger’s faces all gargantuan and craggy, like a classic rock Mount Rushmore—we watched a bootleg of Cocksucker Blues, the intermittently debauched and unsavory but generally dull Robert Frank documentary about the Stones’ 1972 American Tour […]

Brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “1”

In the service of balance, I consider it my obligation (to you, my dedicated readership that you be) to off-set the Stevie Wonder represented in the Japanese “We are the world” and Vanilla Mood “Ebony and Ivory” with a clip that epitomizes Wonder at his peak. In the early seventies, the man had a run […]